Once again Yarl IT Hub made the news!  In a recent article in the Daily FT, Yarl IT Hub is mentioned as successful example and leader in the challenge of Sri Lanck switching to distance and e-learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are higlights from the article: 

‘In the long run however, it is imperative to increase possibilities for self-e-learning. COVID-19 I feel is a blessing in disguise to re-think how educational material and content can be made available for self-learning under any circumstance. 

Floods, rains, and other natural disasters often cause school closure. In fact, the teacher-centred, exam-driven, spoon-feeding that goes on in class needs to be replaced, and fast. 

The prevailing system only shrinks minds, and doesn’t allow their expansion. It promotes rote learning and regurgitation of facts. It doesn’t make way for analysis, problem solving and creative decision making. 

Our students are bright and yes, we boast of a high literacy. But never do we use that foundation to make our kids world-class. 

In the Northern Province, with sparse internet penetration and in the resource-poor 12 education zones, a simple start-up like Yarl IT Hub (http://www.yarlithub.org)has taken education and entrepreneurship to hundreds of students through technology. 

Read the rest of Dr. Tara de Mel’s article here at the Daily FT