Hyderabad: TEDxHyderabad is happy to announce the first ever virtual edition of TEDxHyderabad. The theme of the virtual event is ‘Resilience’, exploring ideas and shining the spotlight on leaders that inspire us to remain positive in challenging times. The event will be held virtually on 24th May 2020.

“We chose the theme ‘Resilience’ to celebrate the indomitable human spirit, we invite you to the special edition of TEDxHyderabad. A galaxy of ideas that inspire, a powerhouse of positivity that motivates and a passionate community that is committed to make this world a much better place. The whole idea is to inspire people to redefine their personal benchmarks and overcome obstacles in these difficult times,” said Dr. Anthony Vipin Das, TED Senior Fellow and Co-Organizer of TEDxHyderabad. The proceeds from the event after expenses will go towards supporting Migrant Labour.

For more information go to: https://indiaeducationdiary.in/curtain-raiser-tedxhyderabad-hosts-first-ever-virtual-edition-resilience/